Cyber Security Services


Syneptic provides highly skilled cyber security services, primarily to Swedish and Danish clients. Syneptic specializes in adversarial security services, i.e. assessing organizations' defenses similarly to how actual attackers would operate.

The adversarial approach to cyber security combined with deep knowledge in application security and network infrastructure provides valuable insight for organizations on how to protect their most sensitive assets.


Red Teaming

Simulates real adversaries to assess your organization's defenses involving both cyber security and people.

Application Penetration Test

An advanced and manual penetration test of a target such as a web or mobile application, conducted by a certified and experienced penetration tester.


Secure development training and mentoring for development projects provide a good foundation for a successful software project.

Network Penetration Testing

Attacks on internal or external networks to identify the weakest points that are most vulnerable to internal and external attackers.

Secure Code Review

A source code review provides great insight into the quality of an application and will identify security vulnerabilities and insecure coding habits that are not necessarily found during an application penetration test.

Infrastructure Review

Configuration reviews of servers, workstations, system architectures and network appliances to assess the security level and provide actionable hardening advice.


Founder and Cyber Security Consultant

Linus is a senior cyber security expert with two decades of IT experience and more than a decade as a consultant specializing in security and software development.